Glass Instawall

A clear and brilliant Instawall is a photo printed on real glass. This Instawall is printed on tempered diamond glass, making the quality and colours clearer and more intense than on acrylic glass. Diamond glass is a clear type of glass in which there is no visible green ‘glow’. Choose your favourite photos and let them come to life in an exclusive, real glass Instawall.

Diamond glass printing technique
The Instawall on glass is printed on 4 mm thick tempered diamond glass. With the UV printing technique, the ink is directly dried with UV light, giving a high-quality and extremely durable print. Because the tempered diamond glass is not textured, the Instawall print is crisp and sharp. A thin white background is applied to the back of the glass plate, so that the hanging system (which comes free with the Instawall) is not visible.

The quality of real glass
The photo collage on real glass is extremely durable and made from strong material. The glass Instawall is 2.5 times heavier than an acrylic glass Instawall, and is very strong and weather resistant. The colours are much sharper and more intense on the diamond glass, and the edges of the Instawall are neatly finished and polished. Finally, the Instawall on glass is finished with a white layer on the back on which the hanging system is mounted. The hanging system is 1.5 cm thick, giving the Instawall an attractive floating appearance.

Your photo collage on a tempered glass Instawall
You can easily create a photo collage using our tool. Log in and upload your favourite photos. Choose a format that suits your interior and drag the photos to the desired location. You can visit our inspiration page for tips and tricks for making your Instawall even more beautiful.
Create a unique work of art from your happy memories!